scoop  0.1.4
Scoop - Simple ColoR pAleTtes and mappERs
scoop - Simple color palettes and mappers


scoop is a library for color palettes and color mappers based on QColor


  • Required dependencies:
    • Qt5 (for QColor)
  • Optional dependencies:
    • Boost: for unit tests


scoop has been succesfully built and used on Ubuntu 14.04, Mac OSX Yosemite and Windows 7/8 Visual Studio 2013 Win64. The following steps should be enough to build it just with the required dependencies.

1 git clone --recursive
2 mkdir scoop/build && cd scoop/build
3 cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
4 make


After building scoop, you can run some examples in bin directory. For example, to manually run a simple test that cre ates a sequential color map, use the command:

1 ./bin/scoopSequentialColorMap


You can access the online API documentation generated from the source (using Doxygen ) in