ReTo  0.3.7
ReTo - Render auxiliary Tools

(c) 2016. VG-Lab / URJC


ReTo provides the following tools:

  • Camera
  • Shader manager
  • Picking functionality
  • Object Loader (triangle/quad mode)
  • Spline navigation
  • TextureManager


As required dependencies ReTo needs:

  • OpenGL
  • GLEW
  • Eigen3

The following dependencies are optional:

  • GLUT for some examples
  • ZeroEQ/Lexis for publishing camera
  • Boost's Unit Test Framework for unit testing.
  • FreeImage for Texture2D using file images.


ReTo has been succesfully built and used on Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, Mac OSX Yosemite and Windows 7/8 (Visual Studio 2013 Win64). The following steps should be enough to build it:

1 git clone --recursive
2 mkdir ReTo/build && cd ReTo/build
3 cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
4 make


After building ReTo, you can run some examples in bin directory. Some of the examples need to find the shaders through an environment variable pointing to the examples directory (available on both the source and installation trees). For example, from the building directory, created as explained before, you can run:

1 RETO_SHADERS_PATH=../examples/ bin/ReToDemoCubes
2 RETO_SHADERS_PATH=../examples/ bin/ReToTextureReader ../examples/gmrv_grande.png


You can access the online API documentation generated from the source (using Doxygen) in